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To everyone in Canada who cares about a free, open and accessible Internet, we have some exciting news. More than 15 years in the making, The Internet Society now has a chapter serving Canada from coast to coast to coast. Just recently incorporated under the new federal not-for-profit act, the Internet Society Canada Chapter is being designed to give end users more of a voice in policies and technologies to improve the choice, access and quality of Internet across Canada. Our goal is to promote the mission of the global Internet Society in a Canadian context. We invite all Canadians to help us accomplish this. Please join the Internet Society and the Canada Chapter. Be informed. Be engaged. Be heard

Be informed.
Be engaged.
Be heard.

Featured News

CRTC Bats it Out of the Park

The CRTC bats it out of the park The page on the telephone era has finally turned. The relevant question is no longer the affordability and availability of the telephone, but of bandwidth, the substrate that allows everything. Yesterday’s decision of the CRTC on...

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2016 Annual Report from the Chair

Chairman’s Report Christmas 2016 December 16, 2016 This report is intended to provide members of the Internet Society Canada Chapter with an update of our policy activities this year. It will be as simple and direct as I can make it, and it is not intended to be a...

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