Audio Recordings

This section includes our own podcasts as well as audio recordings from various sources.

CBC  Spark Radio Program
This segment of the Spark takes a closer look at two major trends in education and crowdsourcing.


CBC  Under the  Influence

Hyper-Targeting: How Brands Track You Online.
Hyper-Targeting is the next frontier in 21st century marketing. 

Marketers are gleaning and buying more and more personal information about consumers. That information is then being used to track people online, as marketers watch their buying habits. As a result, advertisers are “hyper-targeting” consumers with ads that are tailor-made for individuals, featuring the products they want, when they want them, at a price based on their spending ability, at the precise moment they are about to make a choice. How do you like your ad – over easy or sunny-side up?