Who We Are

ISOC Canada Chapter provides Canadians a proactive voice on Internet issues. The chapter was proposed to ISOC HQ in 2012.  Since Internet issues from a government policy point of view are controlled by Industry Canada, a federal department of the Government of Canada, it was felt that a pan Canadian chapter would best serve the goals. The final stages of this formulation occurred in early 2013. As all new chapters, the outreach and creation of the new chapter is a priority and we are seeking Canadians with an interest to participate. If you are interested in getting involved, please  email  contact@internetsociety.ca.Founding Members

  • Evan Leibovitch, Interim President (Toronto)
  • Glenn McKnight, Interim Vice President (Oshawa)
  • Colin McGregor, Acting Chair (Toronto)
  • Gary Kenward (Halifax)
  • Kerry Brown (Victoria)