Working Groups/Committees

The new ISOC Canada Chapter will formulate a variety of committees to support operations, outreach, education, and community relations.

Draft list of ISOC Canada Committees


  • Bylaws, operations, rules of procedure, legal, incorporation, accounting and day-to-day management, event planning


  • Determining the policy needs and concerns of Canadian Internet users, developing recommendations and advocacy strategy


  • Creating programs that help Canadians go beyond mere Internet literacy to effective and safe


  • Creating effective messages for media and policy makers, and establishing effective channels with the ISOC Quebec and the global ISOC community

Outreach and Fundraising:

  • Increasing awareness, Increasing participation in the Canada Chapter both by individuals and organizations, and


  • Co-ordinating Canadian  involvement in IETF activity, as well as participating in technical standards bodies such as the CSA


As all new chapters, the outreach and creation of the new chapter is a priority and we are seeking Canadians with an interest to participate. If you are interested in getting involved, please email