Small Business and IoT Safety in the Context of Current Global Events

The giant leap in connected device adoption among citizens, institutions, and businesses due to COVID-19 response us indeed unprecedented. As informed by McKinsey, “The levels of working remotely have skyrocketed during lockdowns and are likely to remain higher than pre-crisis levels for some time.” Yet, as was stated clearly earlier in ISCC’s Mitigating IoT Cybersecurity Threat Project, “if it is connected, it is vulnerable.” And as those who have been to their local electronic retail store lately, empty shelves demonstrate the demand for connected devices of all sorts.

With 98 percent of Canadian businesses identified as small and the reality of what business owner must prioritize on a day to day basis, cybersecurity falls the cracks. Businesses that are often essential in food, education, health, communication and energy sectors.

This online forum will be grounded in the entrepreneurial spirit and vision of CaSA energy and their journey in utilizing approved standards to protect their customers.

We will also hear from Barbara Cuthill of the U.S. National Institute on Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity for IoT program, Ryerson, the Standards Council of Canada, CyberSecure Canada and leading academics working to provide evidence-based research on small business cybersecurity adoption.


Time Speakers and Panelists
10:00am Jeremy Depow,
ISCC – MCCTP, Co-Chair
10:05am Martin Fassier
CaSA energy, Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder
10:15am Barbara Cuthill
National Institute of Standards and Technology Deputy Program. Manager, Cybersecurity for IoT
10:30am Erle Higgins
CyberSecure Canada, Technical Manager
10:45am – 12:15pm Panel Commences (Joined by Martin Fassier and Barbara Cuthill)
William O’Neill
Standards Council of Canada
Manager, Business & New Program Development

Sumit Bhatia
Ryerson University
Director, Communications and Knowledge Mobilization, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

Olivier Charron
Microsoft Canada
Security and Compliance Team

Michael Lau
Royal Bank of Canada
Senior Director, Security Solutions Architecture

Erle Higgins
CyberSecure Canada, Technical Manager