Working Together to Mitigate Consumer IoT Cybersecurity Threats

The internet of things is bringing forth uncounted benefits to society from innovation in health devices to personal vehicle automation to convenience in the home. McKinsey has said that the economic impact of IoT could be as high as $11.1 trillion per year by 2025 with chip design firm, Arm, forecasting a trillion connected devices by 2035. Alongside this Internet revolution comes increased threat vectors from vulnerabilities in the IoT ecosystem. Mitigating cyber threats for consumers is a growing area of concern with the proliferation of connected devices, stimulating many organizations and governments around the world to develop, consider, and implement mitigation capabilities.

Through a multistakeholder approach of facilitating dialogue among business and members of the IoT supply chain, civil society, academia, subject experts and the public; the Internet Society Canada Chapter is pursuing much-needed dialogue in this critical area of importance to all citizens in today’s ultra connected world. Leveraging the Internet Society’s Canadian Multistakeholder Process on IoT Security, this Project is building awareness and education to stakeholders in a way that changes behaviour and strengthens public policy to support public safety.

ISCC’s Mitigating Consumer Cyber Threats Project is aimed at enhancing and maintaining intensity in knowledge sharing on IoT cybersecurity risks and solutions. With participation from subject experts in Canada and our closest allies, this Project will involve the following fora to take place in Ottawa, Ontario. Summary reports will be published subsequent to each activity to reflect the insights gained.

  • Forum 1: Contextualizing Consumer IoT Cybersecurity Threats
  • Forum 2: Strengthening IoT Security- A Shared Responsibility
  • Final Symposium: Mitigating Consumer IoT Cyber Threats Summit – A Call to Action

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