The Internet Society Canada Chapter Kicks Off Crucial Multi-Stakeholder Discussion on the Security of Connected Devices

 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada — January 13, 2020 — Today the Internet Society Canada Chapter (ISCC) announced they are launching a project that will convene business and members of the IOT supply chain, civil society, academia, subject experts and the public to discuss and share best practices on mitigating IOT security threats to consumers. President of the ISCC, Lynne Hamilton says “The internet of things is bringing forth enormous benefits to society, but they are not without risk. Our connected homes and personal devices provide convenience we all enjoy. Burgeoning innovations in health care, transportation, banking and infrastructure will continue to change life as we know it”. McKinsey has said that the economic impact of IoT could be as high as $11.1 trillion per year by 2025. Chip design firm, Arm, forecasts a trillion connected devices by 2035.

Yet, the threat from state adversaries, organized crime, and lone actors threaten our ability to use these incredible innovations to improve lives. Mitigating cyber threats to citizens has become a high priority for governments and civil society organizations around the world. Executive Director, Franca Palazzo of ISCC states that “if consumers, manufacturers, and governments do not move quickly to align on and deploy mitigation strategies together, these incredible innovations could put us in peril”.

Through the ‘Mitigating Consumer Cyber Threats’ project, ISCC is gathering experts to share knowledge and best practices. Partners include, Embassy of the United States, Ottawa, British High Commission, Ottawa, Australian High Commission, Canada, CIO Strategy Council, Cyber  NB, the Security Partners Forum, Amazon Web Services, U Group and Twelve dot.  The initial forum will be held in Ottawa on February 20th, 2020. For more information on how you can get involved, please contact Franca Palazzo, Executive Director, ISCC at or 905-978-0828.

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Media Contact:

Franca Palazzo, Executive Director, ISCC