Mitigating IoT Security Threats for Consumers

Forum 1: Contextualizing Consumer IoT Cybersecurity Threats

February 20, 2020
British High Commission
80 Elgin St
Ottawa, Ontario
Time: 8:30am to 4:45pm
Networking Reception
4:45pm to 6:45pm



Time (EST) Item Speaker/s
08:30 Registration & Light Breakfast
09:00 Welcome
  • Franca Palazzo, ED, Internet Society Canada Chapter
09:05 Introduction
  • Jonathan Fried, Coordinator, International Economic Relations, Personal Rep. of the Prime Minister of Canada
09:25 Keynote
  • Nazli Choucri, Professor of Political Science, MIT; Member of the Center of International Studies (CIS); Faculty Affiliate at the Institute for Data, Science, and Society (IDSS)
10:10 Health Break and Networking
10:25 Consumer Security Panel

In the context of the boundless benefits of connected devices to society, this panel will examine activities of government, business, and civil society to mitigate cybersecurity threats within a mushrooming IoT lifestyle. This group of globally renowned experts will discuss new devices coming to market, the sharing of liability, cybersecurity standards and labeling, as well as education activities. This panel will be moderated in a manner that is interactive with all forum participants.


  • Katie Jordan, Senior Policy Advisor, Internet Society


  • Sriram Gopal, Director of Technology & Environmental Policy, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • Laura Elan, Global Cyber Manager, CSA
  • Dr. Greg White, Professor, Director, Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, University of Texas San Antonio
12:00 Keynote: Act Like Hawaii
  • Dr. Greg White, Professor, Director, Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security, University of Texas San Antonio
12:30 Lunch and Networking
13:30 Business Awareness Panel

A business-friendly IoT environment can result in job creation, legitimate GDP growth, Foreign Direct Investment, scaling-up business size through efficiencies in operations, and support productivity objectives. As a critical component of mitigating cybersecurity threats to consumers, the discussion will entail safety, security, and privacy considerations throughout all levels of the ecosystem. Topics to be discussed will cover the value of Sharing Operation Centres, global best practices, and how businesses are working to maximize safe deployment.


  • Faud Khan, CEO TwelveDot


  • Tyson Johnson MA, COO, CyberNB
  • Rene Breyel, President AIOT Canada
  • Susan Pullar, Chief Migration Officer, Office of Home Affairs, Australian High Commission
  • Mary Jane Dykeman, Co-Founder INQ Data Law
  • Robert Gordon, Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange
14:45 Health Break and Networking
15:00 Intro to Next Speaker
15:05 TED Style Talk
  • John Weigelt, National Technology Officer, Microsoft
15:25 Thank you and Intro to Next Panel
15:30 Panel: Geo Political Considerations Geo-Political Considerations

Examining consumer IoT security in a global context, this discussion will include international trade, supply chain, and defense implications in involving geo-political context.

  • Alicia Wanless, PHd Researcher, King’s Centre for Strategic Communications, UK
  • Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Director General, Investment, Innovation & Education, Global Affairs Canada
  • Keith Jansa, Executive Director, CIO Strategy Council
  • Dr. Tammy Schultz, U.S. Marine War College
16:45 Networking Reception & Remarks