Franca Palazzo brings over 20 years of expertise in delivering tailored business development and program development strategies that propel organizations to success.  She is an articulate speaker and savvy strategist, leveraging in-depth understanding of communication with mixed audiences to effectively translate ideas into results across international markets. She excels at building client, stakeholder and high profile industry relationships.

Franca has provided stakeholder and partnership engagement to private sector, civil society and public sector. Before moving to Ottawa she was Vice president, Business Relations for an arbitration centre in Toronto. She has also worked as a consultant to the legal and medical industries, building relationships between professionals, associations and educators.

Franca sits on the board of Women in Communications and Technology and is Director of Sponsorship.  She also acts as Executive Director of the Internet Society-Canada Chapter.  When she isn’t working or volunteering her favourite hobby is harassing her two adult children for not calling often enough.