Lynne Hamilton has been a proud member of the Internet Society Canada Chapter for over five years.  She is also the sitting Past Chair of the Board for Equal Voice, a multi partisan organization dedicated to getting more women elected. She was Chair of the Board and guided the organization during the historic ‘Daughter of the Vote’ initiative that brought 338 young women aged 18-24 to the nation’s capital to take their seat in the House of Commons on International Women’s Day. In 2012, she oversaw the organization’s transition to Canada’s new Non-Profit Corporations Act and was chosen as one of ten women to represent Canada in the US Embassy’s “Representation of Women in Politics” voluntary visitors program in Washington, DC.

In her work life, she is a creative, results-oriented government relations professional and has been particularly successful in securing significant government investment and regulatory change in the healthcare and high tech sectors. Prior to consulting, she spent 7 years with the Ontario Government as a political aid. Lynne holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and is the proud mother of Katherine and Jennifer.