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The government isn’t even pretending to have actual debate on Bill C-18. Cutting off House debate with scarcely any discussion so far despite implications for Internet linking, indexing and an independent press.

In the Chamber@HoCChamber

A notice of time allocation was given in the #HoC in relation to the 2nd reading of Bill #C18.

Senate notice for pre-study of Bill C-11. Same government playbook as C-10, which included a pre-study to expedite process and limit hearings. This motion would allow for hearings even though House committee hasn't even heard from witnesses yet.

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[paragraph extra=””]Konrad von Finckenstein, ISCC Board Director, received the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award last month. The award recognizes outstanding leaders whose contributions have been foundational to the creation, growth, and security of our digital economy and that should be recognized. Read more[/paragraph]

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