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The Internet Society – Canada Chapter advocates for affordable, fair and secure internet access for Canadians. Our focus is to bridge the digital divide by ensuring all Canadians reap the socio-economic benefits the internet provides.

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“Please think about where each party stands on #cybersecurity and #encryption, and what they plan to do to keep Canada’s users safe.”

-CIRA president & CEO Byron Holland

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Unbelievable! You have to tell your guests that their conversations are being recorded? Who would want to be a guest in their home? Ditch your Nest or your friends may ditch you!

"While MVNOs have traditionally occupied the role of competitor ... operators are increasingly turning to them as technology and platform partners to deliver their IoT connectivity offering." @AnalysysMason on wholesale futures:

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Konrad von Finckenstein, ISCC Board Director, received the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award last month. The award recognizes outstanding leaders whose contributions have been foundational to the creation, growth, and security of our digital economy and that should be recognized. Read more

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