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The Internet Society – Canada Chapter advocates for affordable, fair and secure internet access for Canadians. Our focus is to bridge the digital divide by ensuring all Canadians reap the socio-economic benefits the internet provides.

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Vision for a federated digital identity to better serve Canadians #GCdigital

New Orleans, I warned you 😈 I'm not some topical cream that rubs off. I'm an injection of honest and uncensored passion! @IAEE_HQ #ExpoExpo #Day2 #BlueCollarCEO #MandyRennehan #MandyUncensored

.@JustinTrudeau just asked during Question Period about the consumer group boycott of the @CRTCeng Internet code proceeding. Responds to @BrianMasseMP by noting NDP support for Internet taxes. Problem is that is precisely what CRTC Chair Ian Scott has called for.

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Konrad von Finckenstein, ISCC Board Director, received the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award last month. The award recognizes outstanding leaders whose contributions have been foundational to the creation, growth, and security of our digital economy and that should be recognized. Read more

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