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The Internet Society – Canada Chapter advocates for affordable, fair and secure internet access for Canadians. Our focus is to bridge the digital divide by ensuring all Canadians reap the socio-economic benefits the internet provides.

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Konrad von Finckenstein, ISCC Board Director, received the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award last month. The award recognizes outstanding leaders whose contributions have been foundational to the creation, growth, and security of our digital economy and that should be recognized. Read more

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The highest profile Canadian copyright review appearance by one Canada’s leading artists and crickets from @Music_Canada. Why? Because rather than talking up term extension or so-called “value gap”, @bryanadams took aim at unfair record label contracts.

This week I appeared before a Senate committee on broadcast and telecom reform. I emphasized the danger of treating the Internet as equivalent to the broadcast system, online success of the Cdn cultural sector, and how we ought to respond digital changes

“A Canadian company has unfettered access to a consumer market of 1.7 billion people through our trade partnerships.” @_IanMcKay @invest_canada via @futureconomy

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    • 19 Jun 2018

      Digital Access Day – Register Now!

      We believe the internet helps address serious social and economic needs. But too often, the digital divide mirrors existing inequities.…
    • 24 Oct 2017

      Digital Access Day Kick-Off Event!

      Honoured Guest Speaker: Alaina Lockhart MP, Parliamentary Secretary, Small Business and Tourism Who Should Attend: Accessibility Advocacy Groups (Women, Indigenous…

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