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It is simply unacceptable that Ministers @FP_Champagne and @DavidLametti are holding a press conference on Bill C-27 (the privacy reform bill) which was tabled hours ago and is still unavailable to the public. Privacy too important to leave solely to department talking points.

The Liberals are trying to rush through their dangerous online censorship legislation, Bill C-11.

If they get their way, they will be able to control what you see, hear, and say online.

I explain here 👇 #KillBillC11

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[paragraph extra=””]Konrad von Finckenstein, ISCC Board Director, received the Founder of Canada’s Digital Economy Award last month. The award recognizes outstanding leaders whose contributions have been foundational to the creation, growth, and security of our digital economy and that should be recognized. Read more[/paragraph]

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