ISCC Praises Made-in-Canada Plan for Universal High Speed Internet

Budget 2019 commits $1.7B in funding to create a fully connected Canada

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Ottawa, Ontario – Reliable access to high speed internet is fundamental to a thriving society. The Internet Society Canada Chapter applauds the federal government’s investment today of $1.7B to ensure every Canadian from coast to coast to coast can access minimum speeds of 50/10mbps by 2030. The $1.7B is part of a new coordinated plan that could deliver $5 to $6 billion in investments for rural broadband over the next 10 years.

Budget 2019’s plan features:

  • $1.7 billion in new government investments for the successful Connect to Innovateprogram and the launch of a new Universal Broadband Fundto help extend “backbone” infrastructure to under-served communities, including rural, remote and northern communities. For the most difficult-to-reach communities, funding may also support “last-mile” connections to individual homes and businesses.
  • The new Universal Broadband Fund will also look to employ new satellite technology that offers faster broadband access than traditional satellite broadband networks. A process will be launched in the spring of 2019 to bring reliable high-speed Internet access to even the most challenging-to-reach rural and remote homes and communities in Canada.
  • Encouragement of private sector investment in rural high-speed Internet through the Accelerated Investment Incentive
  • Greater coordination with provinces, territories and federal arm’s-length institutions, such as the CRTC and its $750 million rural and remote broadband fund.
  • Investments of up to $1Bby the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) over the next 10 years. These investment will leverage at least $2 billion in private capital, to increase broadband access for Canadians.

It is an ambitious plan, and the Canadian government should be commended for its leadership on this.” Tim Denton, Chairman of the Board, ISCC

Canadians need reliable Internet and today’s announcement creates a path forward and will ensure no one is left behind or caught in the digital divide.” Lynne Hamilton, President of the Internet Society Canada Chapter

“In concert with the recent federal government policy directive this investment will go a long way toward ensuring affordable, accessible internet in a competitive market place.”Franca Palazzo, Executive Director, ISCC. 

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Franca Palazzo, Executive Director, ISCC


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