ISCC is one of seven ISOC Chapters as part of NARALO. NARALO is the North American At Large Organization, part of the end-user community. ISCC representatives will be at the NARALO General Assembly at the ARIN meeting in New Orleans in early April 2017. To learn more about NARALO see

ISCC Mission

The mission of the Internet Society Canada Chapter is to be the chapter of ISOC established on a non-exclusive basis to represent and serve all of Canada with the following objectives:

(a) to serve the needs of any specific, cohesive community of interest and the local Internet community in the context of Internet evolution particularly in education, Internet infrastructure development, Internet standards and experimentation, public policies and regulatory coordination regarding Internet content and services, and contributing to Internet governance;
(b) promote activities consistent with ISOC’s purposes in CANADA; and
(c) to generally encourage the above objectives through projects and initiatives to increase awareness and local participation.

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